12405718_SRadio is still one of the best ways to reach your audience as people are spending more time in their cars and on the road. Not only can you reach them while they’re on their way to work, many adults listen to the radio online or through apps during their workday.

If you’re interested in advertising on radio, you need to think strategically. These tips can help:

Start your ad strong. You’ve got to get the listeners’ attention right away. If your message isn’t clear, they’re far more likely to tune out. It’s your job to prevent your listener from switching to another station or muting the commercial altogether. Don’t waste time with boring introductions or verbose explanations. Get straight to the point and explain the benefits of your product or service.

Invest in the voice over. Since there is no visual component, everything in radio leads back to the voice, tone, pace, variety, and emotion. The speaker needs to portray whatever emotion you want your audience to feel. If they don’t do this effectively you won’t convince the buyer of your worth and won’t convert sales. Get a professional voiceover that fits the message and demographic of your listeners.

Hire an experience media buyer. To get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want an experienced media buyer that can do the research on your audience and recommend the best buy to reach your consumers. A media buyer will know which stations your demographic listens to and will be able to negotiate deals that add value to your investment.

By following these three simple tips, your next radio advertisement is sure to provide the results you’ve been looking for. Would you like some assistance? We’ll be happy to help. Get in touch today.

How effective are your radio ads?

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