45658186_M“Traditional” advertising refers to mediums like radio, billboards, or television commercials. While some worry that traditional advertising is going away, they’re absolutely wrong, and we’ve got the statistics to prove it.

Here are 10 statistics that prove traditional advertising mediums are here to stay:

  • Adblocker Plus, the most popular ad blocking app, has reached 300 million downloads worldwide. This means more and more people aren’t seeing digital or social media ads.
  • Fifty-eight percent of drivers say that they have learned something of interest from a billboard–like new places to eat, or a good divorce lawyer.
  • Billboard advertising statistics noted that 38% of drivers stop at an establishment that they saw advertised on a billboard at some point during their ride home, but even more staggering is that 24% stopped at the establishment immediately
  • More than158 million U.S. adults, or nearly 7 out of 10, read newspaper media each week.
  • Live TV remains the single most common place to watch viewers’ new favorite shows, with 34% saying that’s their viewing source.
  • Newspaper websites receive 179.3 million unique visitors each month – a 10% increase in adult unique visitors year over year, which is double the growth rate for the Internet overall (5%).
  • 92% of Americans age 12-plus listen to radio each week. That’s an audience of more than 240 million people!
  • 58% of adults age 18-34, and more than 7 in 10 adults aged 35+ read a newspaper.
  • 74% of households with income above $100K are newspaper readers.
  • Radio is the second-most powerful medium in the United States, reaching 59 percent of the country’s population each day.

Even if you originally had questions about the relevancy of traditional advertising channels like radio, TV, and billboards, after reading those numbers it’s easy to see that plenty of opportunities exists. With the right team at your side and adequate planning, there’s no question that you can get your brand’s message out there.

10 statistics that prove traditional advertising mediums are here to stay