Here are tips and advice on how to better manage your marketing and media investments as you move from FREEZE to FACE MODE.


  1. Keeping your name out there. Most companies that survive and succeed in the long run keep promoting and publicizing their brands and values. Yes, you can continue to grow over the next six months. Growth and revenue will be achieved differently. But it can only happen when your customers hear from you to REMEMBER you when their need arises.

  2. Finding more affordable options. TV and radio budgets can be modified or shifted to more affordable paid media campaigns. TV’s numbers have spiked with increased in-home viewing of local news and binge-watching. You don’t want to be off the air when everyone is tuning in. If you need to make budget changes, consider digital marketing options.

  3. Calling your customers. Yes, pick up the phone and call your customers. Ask them questions and learn more about their new problems. New customers will have the same problems so what you learn will resonate. People want to talk and they have more time to be on the phone with you. You can also do an online survey with a follow-up message to share the results. Respond with solutions and compassion.

  4. Changing your messages. Empathy WAS and can still be a good approach. But, customers and potential customers’ needs have changed. And they want solutions. You need to adapt your brand story and customer experiences so they speak to these new needs.

  5. Nurturing your leads. It may take longer to get a new customer for the time being. Why? People have time to do more consumer research and consider more options. Your lead funnel is likely fatter and taller at the top than before. Nurture, nurture and nurture those leads.

  6. Micro-processing your results. How you measure your campaign results must change, too. Micro-processing or micro-measuring means you pay extra attention to data. Look at the results from your adjusted media investment and messaging. This may mean reviewing data daily or even hourly to adjust for better results. A/B testing with headlines and subject lines is timeless best practice. Put it to good use.

  7. Knowing your competition’s approach. This tip is for all time. But it takes on a higher purpose when people have more time to view ads and hear from your competition. You must be consistent and focused on your optimized media to get your message heard and seen.

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7 Tips to Move from FREEZE to FACE MODE with Your Marketing and Media Plans