The disruptive events of 2020 have turned our lives and businesses upside down and inside out. Most of us have experienced moments frozen in disbelief, fear, anger and even grief. But now is the time to move from being in “FREEZE MODE” to “FACE MODE.”

Whatever your business plans were for 2020 needs to be re-thought and revised. But where do you start? It’s time to hit the reset button to be in FACE MODE.

Here’s one inspirational example of FACE MODE. A client’s primary business is to provide event space and support services. In early March 2020, they experienced an almost immediate 95% loss in bookings and potential revenue due to COVID-19 restrictions. WHAT DID THEY DO??? They reset their focus, adjusted their message and shifted their media to a different target audience. They reprioritized their venue offerings to support makeshift hospitals and health care clinics. Smart. Very smart.

How to get into FACE MODE…
If you had a business plan and a marketing plan earlier in the year, great. If not, that’s your first priority. It’s well known “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It’s hard enough to succeed right now. Give yourself the time and space to create a business plan that includes media and marketing.

If you did prepare a 2020 business plan and a media/marketing plan, you cannot recycle or reuse them. Everything has changed. You need to take a “pencil” and begin to review and rewrite realistic goals and objectives.

Start your plan with today. Give yourself room to breathe, narrow your focus and adjust as needed. For example, have ONE goal for THIS week in 2020. Then refer to your plan the following week to see what happened before you set your next goal. You always need a plan for success – pandemic or NOT.

Your core services and products are likely going to be the same, but you may have expanded them or adopted new ways to deliver them. We’ve all had to shift and pivot. But it’s vital to recognize when there are opportunities and advantages to help you stay in business. And you must become more aware of changes to your current and prospective customers’ needs.

To be in FACE MODE you must…

Be willing to maintain some type of marketing and media.

Adapt your approach to understand and solve your customers’ new problems.

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Are you in FREEZE or FACE Mode?