48212785_SIf you’re going to invest in a television advertising campaign, you want to do it the right way. That means avoiding costly mistakes and staying the course. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid if you want the get the most bang for your television advertising buck.

1. Thinking that TV is inefficient

Major players are still investing in TV and seeing the benefits of it. Companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix, Hungryhouse, Trivago, Secret Escape, and Meetic are regularly using TV campaigns to grow their brand awareness and accelerate sales. Why do those brands invest so much money on TV if the internet takes the cake in terms of targeting and remarketing? It’s simple: TV still has the largest reach.

2. Avoiding A/B Testing

Most advertisers create one video, broadcast it, and measure the impact of their campaign at the end. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always produce the most accurate results. A/B testing, which is a method of comparing different versions of the same webpage, for instance, is constantly used in digital and should also be used for TV campaigns.

3. Waiting until the end of the campaign to monitor results

A new television ad campaign is a great way to boost traffic to your website. Monitor your visits to determine which time slots were the most efficient. With proper tracking, you’ll be able to:

· Measure precisely how many users came to your website

· Calculate a cost per visit (the equivalent of Cost-per-Click in digital) and measure the impact of each TV spots.

· Add a cookie on the viewers who came to your website, analyze what they do online and monitor what they buy. You can even identify their profile, understand their habits and get insights on your customers’ experience.

4. Separating TV campaigns and digital campaigns

More than 75% of viewers use their smartphones when watching TV and searches tend to go up as soon as a commercial spot appears on TV. Why not synchronize your online ads with your television ads? A dual strategy has the potential to be far more successful.

5. Cutting production costs

The quality of your video has a real impact on your campaign. According to Realytics, a creative ad can generate up to 50% more visits to your website and improve your conversation rate by 5 points.

If your company is preparing to launch its own television ad campaign, make sure to avoid these common mistakes. Doing so will help ensure its success. Good luck!

Are you making any of these common TV advertising mistakes?