The irony is that while there have never been more ways to reach consumers, it’s never been harder to connect with consumers.
– Brad Jakeman

There are significant benefits to working with a media buying professional.

Anyone can create a campaign, but do they know how to reach the right consumer. Considering the many different forms of media buying channels and strategies, it can be a daunting task for business owners to manage on their own. Companies like McKenna Media Group, which specialize in marketing planning and media buying services, can put you on the right track and increase the effectiveness of any campaign.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Media Buyer

Many companies are reluctant to enlist a media buyer’s services, either because they aren’t exactly sure about what media buyers do or because they believe bringing those services in-house would be more cost-effective. The truth is there are huge benefits to working with a media buying organization. Here are three of them…

  1. Buying Power
    Media buyers bring a high volume of business to their vendors. This volume allows buyers to successfully negotiate better rates, obtain competitive pricing, and improve ROI for their clients. Plus, you benefit from the buyer’s other clients’ combined media spend via better access and efficiencies. 

  2. Expertise
    Many factors go into planning and developing a successful media strategy. A professional media buyer will take into account your target audience, desired reach, and frequency, as well as your budget to come up with the most impactful campaign. They know both traditional and digital marketplace trends, and they have experience working in various markets to ensure your campaign includes the most relevant media channels. They help coordinate the flight and channels and monitor campaign results to ensure all ads are delivered or that makegoods are appropriately scheduled. 

  3. Objective Viewpoint
    Regardless of the size, media buyers can look at your company from an outsider’s point of view and offer a new perspective of your marketing objectives and strategies. They are negotiating media all the time, which means they have a greater understanding of how media rates fluctuate daily. Most importantly, their experiences help them develop fresh ideas for tackling your biggest challenges and finding your best audiences. 

If you plan on buying media in-house, be prepared for a laundry list of to-dos. All of these important tasks take time to learn and perform efficiently and effectively. If you’re already managing a company like a home services and repair business, eldercare law firm or healthcare practice, you know all too well time is one thing there never seems to be enough of. Lucky for you, media buyers are experts when it comes to making your media campaigns run smoothly and more profitably.

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