12405718_SRadio remains one of the best ways to reach your audience while they’re on their commuting to and from work and listening to the radio online or through web apps.

These tips can help make your radio advertising more effective:

Start strong and keep your ad meaningful.

Your message must grab a listener’s attention right away. Your message must then be clear and concise to hold their interest. A meaningful message reduces the likelihood a listener will switch to another station or mute the commercial. Don’t waste time with boring introductions or verbose explanations. Get straight to the point and explain how your product or service solves problems and brings value to their lives. Have a strong, but easy to remember call to action.

Invest in voiceover professional talent.

Since there is no visual component, everything in radio leads back to the voice, tone, pace, variety and emotion. A professional speaker will portray the emotions you want your audience to feel. This will help convince a potential customer your products and services have VALUE. A professional voiceover talent will more effectively engage your listeners to take action.

Hire an experienced media buyer.

To negotiate your media spend for optimal results, you need an experienced media buyer to do the research on your audience and recommend the best buy to reach them. A media buyer will know which stations your demographic listens to and will be able to negotiate deals that add value to your investment.

By following these three tips, your next radio advertisement is sure to provide better results. Get in touch today to talk about how radio advertising creates more leads for health care practices, home improvement and maintenance businesses and law firms.

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