42109232 - hispanic family watching televisionToday’s media space is busier than ever before, particularly for healthcare professionals. Whether you oversee marketing, office management, public relations, or creative content in the healthcare industry, you understand the challenge of reaching an increasingly diverse audience on multiple platforms.

At McKenna Media Group, we encourage our clients to take advantage of the many opportunities available in TV and radio rather than being overwhelmed by all of these outlets. For example, according to recent data by broadcast powerhouse CBS, TV viewership has actually increased over the past decade. That creates immense potential for your company as you seek to explain the benefits of your healthcare products and services.

Our team has more than 75 years of combined agency experience. We can help an array of healthcare businesses find success in TV and radio advertising, including:

  • vein clinics
  • plastic surgeons
  • eye care professionals
  • gastroenterology clinics
  • podiatry offices
  • orthopedics experts

Whether your target clients are baby boomers or millennials, we will help you craft the right message for your audience and reach the people who can benefit most from your organization.

Interested in learning more about what media can do for you? Call McKenna Media Group today at 404-232-0794. We look forward to working together!

How your healthcare business can benefit from media exposure