It’s unfortunate, but many CEOs and business owners do not understand the purpose of marketing or appreciate the value of marketing. These are the executives who want to have the leads/sales/calls happen. Immediately. They want the phone to ring instantly after the first spot airs on TV or the radio. Right now.

There are a lot of reasons why this frustration happens. However, here are some top reasons why people who don’t understand or value marketing get stuck with this frustration and impatience…

  1. Unaligned sales and marketing goals.
  2. Failure to define the difference between a sales-ready lead and a marketing lead to nurture.
  3. Misunderstanding or not tracking the appropriate media metrics.
  4. Inappropriate or misaligned campaign goals.
  5. Failure to pre-plan and invest effectively to generate and nurture marketing leads.

Here is the approach McKenna Media Group takes to get you unstuck and proactively managing these points of frustration and impatience.

  1. Collaborate with sales to know how customers buy and what indicates their readiness to place an order. 

  2. Gain insights and analyze the market to know where and how best to reach your customers through marketing campaigns and initiatives. 

  3. Determine which companies are competitors and conduct SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis. 

  4. Have quarterly meetings to discuss sales goals, product launches and events which will help clearly communicate the marketing mix and its value. 

  5. Determine your marketing position as a starting point and evaluate to note changes. 

  6. Get a commitment from your C-suite and sales leadership on a strategic marketing and communication plan so your marketing budget is approved. You need solid backing to thwart off another department’s request for budget reallocation or a reduction in the funds to execute on campaigns and initiatives. 

  7. Have an initial meeting to discuss marketing plans/results, sales goals, product launches and events. Then follow up with quarterly meetings to collaborate and keep alignment.

Where are you stuck with your marketing? When it comes to maximizing their marketing initiatives and budgets, most business owners and marketing leaders are stuck. They are stuck with limited resources, knowledge, time and expertise. Ultimately, they are stuck with disappointing results from their marketing and media investments.

My clients become unstuck when they’re no longer burdened with marketing and media planning, negotiating and analyzing. And when they are unstuck, they can focus on operations and making their customers happy.

Contact me to get unstuck and request my Bonus Tips of Best Practices to Manage the Instant Sales Expectations.

Managing the “Instant Sales” Expectations