Media Planning and Buying for traditional media (TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor) can be a daunting task…so many mediums to place your advertising dollars. And then you add DIGITAL Marketing to the mix – what a task! So what is the right plan? Where is the best place to spend your dollars? At McKenna Media Group, we take the guesswork out for you. We have studied the marketplace and done the research for you while constantly staying up-to-date on what’s new. And as you know, it changes every day.

We understand the traditional and digital media and their place in marketing plans. Our team has over 18 years of experience in the media world. We have lived it on both the sales side AND the agency side. Strong relationships with our media vendors is an important key to our success and with our buying power, the savings are passed on to our clients.

If you’re stuck with disappointing media results, contact us to get better results from your marketing and media investments.