As our economy restarts, you need to reset your marketing plans in 2020 to drive your business now and into 2021. And you’ll need a sharper focus than ever before to get the best possible results.

First, accept that our lives and how we do business have changed. Going forward, you will have some new challenges AND opportunities. You can go forward smarter and better.

Next, ask yourself these questions. Then, let’s talk about your answers to help you reflect on your experiences and lessons learned as you reset your 2020 marketing.

  1. Did you find a new or better way to deliver your services or products? Is this a sustainable process to add to your strategic business plan?

    How do you get the word out you have a NEW product and service in a meaningful way?

  2. What customer service lessons did you learn? What insights did you gain from phone calls and emails? Did your communication improve because you listened more actively to your customers’ concerns and needs?

    How do you continue to provide this higher level of customer service?

  3. What community outreach was shared to help people cope and get essential supplies? What core values did you and your employees strengthen as a result of our collective struggles?

    How do you share these stories of care and compassion in a humble, but effective way?

Now is the perfect time to start resetting your media and marketing strategies for the remainder of 2020 and prepare for 2021. You need to focus on rebooting your business. Let us focus on your marketing and media.

Whether you want to use traditional advertising channels like print, television and billboard signs or opt for an ‘online only’ presence, your media and marketing will get better results when you have the right message and expert creative support.

Together we can get the word out about your business, increase your revenue, and strengthen your loyal customer base. The time is now. Let’s get to work resetting your 2020 marketing plan.

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Resetting your 2020 Marketing Plan