Traditional advertising is any form of promotion that reaches your target audience using mediums that should be integrated with digital marketing. It includes print, television, radio, outdoor, telemarketing, or direct mail. All of which are designed to engage your audience and broaden your reach. But what are the actual benefits of utilizing traditional marketing?

Here are the top benefits for three traditional mediums which I recommend for businesses like home maintenance services and repair, eldercare law or healthcare practices.

Television (Broadcast, Local & Cable)
There is no denying that television commercials have the power of grabbing our attention. One of the most significant advantages of broadcast advertising is the vast audience you can reach all at once. Broadcast ads can be targeted to specific audiences, as well. However, cable and local advertising allow you to target key customer bases with targeted demographics. Television advertising as a whole enables you to connect with potential customers right where they are in a visually and auditorily pleasing manner. More importantly, exceptional ads can foster emotion or empathy and are more sustainable.

Radio is the anywhere, anytime advertising medium. It reaches a vast audience and allows advertisers to target their message to specific demographics and communities, geographic areas, and around events and genres in a market. Radio commercials are created quickly without the production and delays of other media. It reaches your target customer with frequency and provides a strong call-to-action. And one of THE greatest things about radio advertising is that there are options available for every budget.

Outdoor (or Out-of-Home OOH)
As a general rule, the average consumer needs to see something at least ten times before they experience ad recall. Billboards and other OOH advertising (including transit and bus shelter advertising) allow companies to complement their investment in other channels with a consistent message that will be seen multiple times. Including outdoor media supports complete market coverage and at a low cost.

Traditional advertising integrated with digital marketing maximizes outcomes for businesses of all sizes when you have a compelling offer and target the right customers. 

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What are the benefits of TV, radio and billboards to advertise my business?