According to an article in Forbes, 90% of consumers said videos helped them better understand products. Which translates into more confidence in their buying decisions. And get this, 62% said watching videos made them more likely to make a purchase. Forbes also reported businesses using video in their marketing mix experienced a 41% increase in search traffic compared to those that do not. These trends and research findings are from 2018.

Because of proven success with video marketing over the last few years, small businesses can get better results from their marketing investments for two reasons when videos are part of your media mix… 

  1. You can create customer confidence in their buying decisions with your company. 
  2. You also create a competitive advantage by being authentic and informative to win over customers.

Think about it. Instead of reading words on a page, customers prefer a medium where they can see the personality of your company, your brand or product. Showing a short video can build familiarity with viewers and convey that you are approachable, likable and authentic.

If you feel some hesitation in incorporating videos in your strategy, you are not alone. Just get started, you will feel comfortable in no time.

Here are some tips as you develop your first (or next) video marketing strategy:

Start Small

All videos will not match the medium; therefore, know your target audience and where they go for information. Viewers today are video savvy and are not expecting you to always offer big-budget videos. Quick videos from your phone can do the trick. Consider starting with a Facebook Live, an Instagram story, a LinkedIn post or TikTok. Offering a weekly connection is a great way to educate and connect with your viewers. 

Video Content is “King”

Whether you invest in commercials, testimonials, employee spotlight, branding, company culture, a product explainer or behind-the-scenes videos, it is important to have a good mix of videos in your arsenal. Know the message you want to relay to your viewers and show them. Consider investing in top-quality photography and production and save them in your file library.  If you use Evergreen notes, these messages can become a valuable resource.

Like, Comment, Share and Save

Remind audiences to like, comment, share and save the videos so the channel algorithm helps promote future engagement. The more videos you provide, the more opportunities you have to interact with your viewers. Adding closed captioning to your videos is another way to increase your “search value” and boost your SEO performance. Just remember to keep the videos under 90 seconds, be relevant, repost when necessary and be yourself.

Now that you’re thinking about adding video marketing to your media mix, let’s talk. If you’re already managing a company like a home services and repair business, eldercare law firm, cybersecurity/technology provider or healthcare practice, there never seems to be enough of time to do take on anything new. Lucky for you, we are experts when it comes to helping with video marketing.

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Two Reasons Why Video Marketing Gets BIG Results for SMALL Businesses