UPDATED April 29, 2021

Raise your hand if you’re exhausted by the negativity in our daily online, TV and radio consumption. Media exhaustion comes from more than bad or sad news.  Intense attacks,  contentious debates and opposing opinions dominate the consumer’s media experience.

As a business or practice owner, how can you add a bright spot to your existing and prospective clients’ day?

The answer is obvious and needed: Share a positive message that highlights how your company is changing your community for the better. It will pique the attention of listeners and viewers as they create an emotion connection to your core values.

Community outreach to serve the disadvantaged or support a good cause makes your company brand memorable. And this memory along with its emotional attachment will open doors of opportunity when people need your services, support or care.

Raise your hand now if you and your employees volunteer at local events. Raise your hand if your core values include supporting a good cause.

At McKenna Media Group, our goal is to strategically connect your business to the marketplace using traditional media such as TV and radio. We only recommend media sources with outstanding and consistent outcomes of reaching existing and new customers. Our areas of specialty include working with service categories such as:

  • Health care including vein clinics, plastic surgeons, eye care, gastroenterology, podiatry and orthopedics;
  • Home improvement including heating and cooling, flooring, garage installation, closet installation and remodeling;
  • Senior care including home health care businesses and elder care law firms.

To really connect with people, choose to share a positive and uplifting message. Choose to work with McKenna Media Group and reap the business opportunities that follow.

Win new customers, clients and patients with positive messaging on TV and radio