51794801 - male carer assisting incurable ill senior manEvery day across Georgia, professionals with home-health care businesses are helping patients and their families live independently and in the comfort of a familiar environment. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, they work tirelessly on holidays and weekends, demonstrating their commitment to service and their thankfulness for the opportunity to work with families in this field. These men and women are extraordinarily important to our state and nation, and they will only grow in value as our population ages.

If you manage marketing, public relations or other public-facing aspects of a home-health care business, it can be difficult to get your message out. Traditional media can be outstanding resources, which is why McKenna Media Group is committed to helping you access TV, radio and other channels with proven efficacy in communicating with your target audience.

Both TV and radio are valuable to home-health care companies because they can fully showcase the work your organization is doing with families at one of the most important times of life. By showcasing through video and sound the compassion and care you have for each patient, you can help viewers and listeners understand the quality of care and level of expertise they will enjoy by working with you.

Showcase that standard of excellence by partnering with McKenna Media Group. This Thanksgiving season, we are thankful for your organization’s commitment to families and their loved ones.

Why TV and radio are ideal for showcasing home-health businesses