There are two choices you make every day as a home improvement business owner. Either you manage your priorities or they will manage you. Your daily demands include managing customer care, finance, operations and sales. Besides these daily demands, economists say we’ve experienced three years of business cycles in three months. Dealing with COVID-19 has been exhausting and stressful on many levels.

Here are three pieces of “forward-facing” advice to better manage your priorities and help you create a flow of customer request opportunities.

Reset your business plan and identify new goals based on new customer needs.

Most likely, your top priority had been keeping your business open since March 2020. But have you made it a priority to revise your business plan? Have you reviewed and reset your goals according to what customers need now and into 2021? Like professional athletes, mental and physical adjustments need to happen to win in the long run.

The home improvement industry has experienced an increased demand from people working from home and staying at home. And let’s remember parents helping with their children’s education from home, too. People see walls that need a fresh coat of paint, flooring that needs to be replaced along with outdated kitchens and bathrooms. Space reconfigurations for offices and education are super important to people now. There is a demand for your services like never before.

So, this is good news, right? Well, not if homeowners don’t know you’re OPEN and READY to help them. Without advertising, people have no clue you’re available and what you can offer them. You need a steady flow of opportunities to keep business growing in the long run.

Get expert help on a strategic advertising and media plan to create a flow of opportunities.

Have you paused your advertising campaigns? Have you never done media planning before?  If your answer is yes, you have a real problem getting customers’ attention and potential work.

You’re good at what you do, which is why you’ve stayed in business. And you need to stay focused on managing your priorities. Trying to create and manage an advertising campaign takes you away from what you do best.

An expert also knows how to negotiate rates to best meet your company goals and budget. Keep in mind, there are affordable geo-targeted options to create a flow of opportunities. Use their experience to your advantage in getting the most from your investment.

An advertising and media planning expert will help you define your goals. Then they will propose an advertising strategy. Once your campaigns begin, they will monitor the data and track performance. Micro-processing data will help optimize how your investment creates a flow of opportunities.

Prepare your customer service team to help close new opportunities.

With successful advertising comes the flow of opportunities.  First impressions often determine whether you win or lose the business. Your internal team must be specially prepared to manage the calls and emails for two specific reasons. During periods of high demand, homeowners tend to get multiple bids. And during COVID-19 people have more time to research and shop their options.

Taking the next step…

Here’s what you need to do next. Let’s talk about a fresh approach to getting customers’ attention. Special promotions and offers help you stand out among the competition. We’re ready to look over your past advertising campaigns or pending proposals. Our feedback will help you restart (or start) advertising with confidence. And we’re ready to prepare your internal team to manage the flow of opportunities.

McKenna Media Group has the advertising and media planning expertise you need to stay in business and help take your business to the next level. Contact us and stay forward-facing, 404-232-0794.

You’re managing daily priorities to remain OPEN and READY to help people with their next home improvement project. How are you letting people know?