43673640 - news page on tablet, mobile phone and newspaperFor years we’ve been hearing about the death of journalism, the end of newspaper printing and problems with the media’s bias.

Even with all of the pundits, and problems associated with the 24-hour news cycle, you still need to know what’s going on, right?

You might use a website, social media app, or a smartphone aggregator now, but one thing hasn’t changed: people’s desire to stay informed.

As technologies evolve, writers, broadcasters, and photojournalists alike are having to get creative in order to reach audiences and keep their attention spans.

Most publications still have a print element, but their main communication with the public comes via their social media accounts and website.

Local television stations are broadcasting live via apps like Periscope and Snapchat, and in turn leaving their satellite and microwave trucks back at their stations. That means more access to events, and the opportunity to have realtime interactions with viewers both online and off.

As more platforms become available you have more opportunity to reach your ideal customer base. From influencer marketing through journalists, to contests via your social media pages, the opportunities are endless when it comes to using new media grow your business.

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