Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.  – Arthur Ashe

Whether you are still in the process of bringing all the moving pieces of your plan together, or whether you’re ready to face 2021 head-on, here are some quick tips for one final gut check to ensure you are in a great position to hit the ground running for the first quarter.

Know your position from every aspect.
Look at your objectives from the prior year and determine if you’ve met them. You need to understand where you are. Know what helped you, and what stood in your way so that you make the appropriate adjustments for the coming year. Know where you stand amongst your competitors and understand your position with your current customers.

Know what you want to say.
Look at your messaging. Is it still relevant today? Is the tone appropriate? Look at the content you created this year to help shape your upcoming editorial calendar. Make a list of the top 10 performing pieces of content and brainstorm more ideas off of those to understand what made it successful. Focus on well designed, well written, and well-timed messaging.

Know to whom you are speaking
Look at your audience. Were they the right target then, and are they the right target now? Know how they changed. Check-in with your current customers to understand how they see your company and products.

Know where you want to go.
Look at your performance and determine your best areas of focus. Understand trends in the industry. What were your best performing times of the year? Did you try some new marketing channels that did or didn’t pay off? Is the main objective to create demand or fulfill demand? It’s important to know where you want to go and how you want to get there.

Know how much you want to spend.
Look at what you spent in 2019, what was your return on investment, and how you want to move forward. You need to understand how much you spent per channel and if your allocations should be adjusted. You can always adapt and accommodate for any new changes as the year goes on and you see which platforms are performing.
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Are you ready for 2021?